ARP Poisoning

We've all heard of "Man in the Middle (MitM)" attacks, but have you ever wondered how they actually work? First off, there are many different kinds of man in the middle attacks, and I'm only going to be addressing a few of them, namely DNS Hijacking, SSL Password Sniffing, and Remote Browser sniffing. All three of these are done using a program called Ettercap on Kali Linux. All three of these MitM attacks are done using ARP Poisoning.

Windows 10 Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

One thing I have discovered that I hate about Windows 10 is that you cannot set separate wallpapers for multiple monitors very easily.  Well after a ridiculous amount of Googling, I found a way to get the old Windows 8 wallpaper interface back. Here's how you get it:


Paste the following into the "Run" textbox:

control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper

Press enter, and huzzah! You have the old interface back! Now you can right click on the images you want, and select which monitor you want it to display on.

Install and Configure SNMP

I recently had the opportunity to use Zenoss, a network management tool that allows easy management of a network. There are many solutions for network management out there, but Zenoss is a great option because it's free! I set up Zenoss in a lab environment, not enterprise size by any stretch of the imagination, but still a learning experience.